NOT USED, NEW CONDITION,GREAT PRICE, FOR OTHER LISTINGS ARE MUCH HIGHER. has 1 piece missing,1 boy figure, can be bought at the co store.
drive through yard antique sale Concrete animals, vintage paintings vintage jewelry Razor scooter decoration cabinets and more
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Beautifully cut bowl for hankies. But pretty all by itself. Measures approximately 8 X 7 1/2 and approximately 3 high.
Bowl is exquisite & very diffident with jagged edges. Pedestal bottom. No chips or cracks. Very heavy.
I m moving and have 4 family inheritances & 30 years of stuff! HUGE ESTATE To liquidate! This was my aunts, a beautiful natural wood cutting board with a gorgeous hand painted floral design on its back! Usable art! Comes from a smoke free, puppy friendly home! $8 shipping in USA
I m Moving! I ve had 4 inheritances & 30 years of our own collecting and there s a HUGE ESTATE SALE in the making! In the meantime I ll be listing stuff as fast as I can!! This is just five random items all very vintage for the crafty decorative person who knows what to do with such random items!! Comes from a smoke free and puppy friendly home!
I m moving!!! I ve had 4 inheritances and 30 years of living here, so there s a HUGE ESTATE SALE COMING! In the meantime I m listing as much as I can! This little pink rosary goes back to my husband s grandmothers home & faith! She used to just collect and puck them up where ever she went! In NEW CONDITION Comes from a smoke free, puppy friendly home!
Lead Crystal glass beautiful red color all matching. Decanter 12 Vase 8 and Bell 6 1/2 . Beautiful together. Price for all.
Teapot trimmed in gold with painted bamboo throughout. Made in Japan. Stands approximately 7 1/2 tall.
So so pretty blue with a little bird sitting on top and 4 little babies at the bottom. Stands approximately 5 1/2 tall.
Pretty clean not much wrong with it except for flower on the top one of the little pedals broke off
Heavy 3feet by 3feet In good condition just missing one of the little liners keeps the tiles separated from each other up in the top in the middle you can probably see it in one of the pictures
Crystal clear leaf dishes lined with silver. The silver doesn t really show on my pictures. Really elegant. Measures approximately 8 X 7 . Price for all 3
Perfect little footstool to prop your feet up at the end of a long day. Or use it as decor. Dark floral colored fabric on top & wood bottom. Measures approximately 14 X 10 1/2 and stands about 9 -10 high.