This cute retro lounge recliner has a bounce to it, and feels like you are floating in air. All furniture and ls are now 50, so although the tag price says $175, its now only $87. Relax in comfort this summer. Its not in perfect shape, but is very charming and will look great on your mid century patio. See it at Gypsyland Plus see all the other great deals on furniture and ls that are now 50 of...

Burnham Loom

Gorgeous heritage Southern California Burnham Loom, hardwood possibly cherry, 6 shafts and 8 treadles with cute bench and storage drawer. Will include a warping board and some bobbins and shuttles. Has been polished. Needs a spring for the brake. Some light rust. Available for pick-up - if deconstructed can fit in a Prius or a Jeep. Footprint less than 70 x 70.